Apocalypse WOW! (cwhathapnslarry) wrote in tightreviews,
Apocalypse WOW!

What is everyone listening to right now?

Top 5 current favorite songs:

1. Green Day- Holiday
2. Tom Waits- Don't Go Into That Barn
3. Alowishious Farhatt- Don't Go Down There
4. Reggie and the Full Effect- Boot to the Moon
5. My Chemical Romance- Helena

y tu?
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If John Kerry is elected there will be a draft. 1,000s of soldiers are quiting if he is elected. The news media does not worn you of this but just think. Who are they supporting. You will be a draftee.

1. Radiohead - Life in a Glass House
2. Tom Waits - Goin Out West
3. White Stripes - Ashtray Heart
4. Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse
5. No Doubt - Simple Kind of Life

and 6. Snoop Dogg - Let's Get Blown???