Apocalypse WOW! (cwhathapnslarry) wrote in tightreviews,
Apocalypse WOW!

iTunes essential list:

1. From Me 2 U- Reggie and the Full Effect
2. Ha Ha You're Dead- Green Day
3. Shut Up- Blink-182
4. Fought and Won One- Reggie and the Full Effect
5. Better For You- Reggie and the Full Effect
6. Kommienesuspadt- Tom Waits
7. What's Wrong- Reggie and the Full Effect
8. Not The Same- Ben Folds
9. Beer- Reel Big Fish
10. Geek Stink Breath- Green Day
11. Drop It Like It's Hot- Snoop Dogg
12. Helena- My Chemical Romance

and yours?
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