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Tight Music: A Music Review Community
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Date:2004-11-23 20:26
Subject:iTunes essential list:

1. From Me 2 U- Reggie and the Full Effect
2. Ha Ha You're Dead- Green Day
3. Shut Up- Blink-182
4. Fought and Won One- Reggie and the Full Effect
5. Better For You- Reggie and the Full Effect
6. Kommienesuspadt- Tom Waits
7. What's Wrong- Reggie and the Full Effect
8. Not The Same- Ben Folds
9. Beer- Reel Big Fish
10. Geek Stink Breath- Green Day
11. Drop It Like It's Hot- Snoop Dogg
12. Helena- My Chemical Romance

and yours?

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Date:2004-11-09 21:34
Subject:rolling stone rock and roll yearbook

Look what I found. It's a Rolling Stone Rock and Roll Yearbook from 2002. Dunno if ya'll are interested? Too bad it doesn't have a cover though...

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Date:2004-10-22 12:42
Subject:What is everyone listening to right now?

Top 5 current favorite songs:

1. Green Day- Holiday
2. Tom Waits- Don't Go Into That Barn
3. Alowishious Farhatt- Don't Go Down There
4. Reggie and the Full Effect- Boot to the Moon
5. My Chemical Romance- Helena

y tu?

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Date:2004-10-08 12:20
Subject:Cake Pressure Chief

A video game system has joined the band.

Their fifth release sounds like their fourth sounds like their third, and so on. However, Cake finds a way to be more innovative than ever, yet never actually change. In my opinion, they've never had a bad song. Songs like, "Carbon Monoxide," and, "No Phone," are...well... off the hook, so to speak. This album is pumped with synths, trumpets, real and electric drums, and the catchiest choruses you'll ever hear. Along with James McCrea's almost heart-melting vocal stylings, this is one damn fine album. **** (out of five)

Favorite Tracks: "the Guitar Man," "Dime," "Carbon Monoxide"

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Date:2004-10-08 10:02
Subject:My Chemical Romance Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

How about three cheers for an insanely wicked album? On their sophomore release, My Chemical Romance delivers thirteen psycho-energetic emo/punk songs with goth influence. The album opens with "Helena" which starts out spooky and soft, then all of the sudden bursts into distorted power chords, blazing drums, and vocals from a man letting out any aggression or pain he has ever felt. "To the End" sounds almost like a punk theme for a Tim Burton movie. Track four, "You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison", starts off with a little jazzy feel to it and then turns into screams and dark melodic punk on the chorus. Their first single, "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)", is a nice catchy emo/punk song with shakey vocals and strangely turns into a rock opera as it goes on. This is the ultimate song to listen to when pissed off at life or a woman. The last few songs on the record are memorable; "Hang 'em High" starts off as a fast western rockabilly song and then explodes into a fiery hell pit of screaming while "Cemetery Drive" is a nice calm song reminding us of the Love Spit Love song from the 1995 movie, Angus, as it starts out. Three Cheers... is a wonderful album of evil and pain. Definitely an album for highschool/college guys, but perhaps not too appealing to some the girls. *** 1/2 (out of 5)

Top Three Tracks: Helena, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), and Cemetery Drive

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Date:2004-10-06 16:23
Subject:Tight Music: A Music Review Community
Mood: pretty damn tight

Welcome to Tight Music! Feel free to write a review or thought about anything you're listening to (or not listening to!).

My current album recommendations:

Tom Waits- Real Gone (if you like his weird stuff, this is the album to get)
My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Green Day- American Idiot

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